Desktop Support

In this speciality the students learn the technical skills to support computer systems in an enterprise. This involves installing, configuring, repairing, upgrading and managing computer and network hardware and software. Students will also develop the skills to take the Comptia A+ certification.


In this speciality students learn to build applications, websites and mobile applications that solve real world problems. They will learn different languages such as Java, Python, HMTL, CSS to name a few.

Database Specialist

In this specialty students design and build databases from scratch. They will use data integrity and query languages to implement tables and procedures. The students will also learn administration and optimization techniques.

System Administrator

As SysAdmins, students install, configure, troubleshoot and maitain various operating systems such as Linux and Windows. They will also help with permission and policies for for access controls.

Network Administrator

In this specialty, students learn networking fundamentals, build and support Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) . They will learn how DHCP work, IP addressing, subnetting and DNS.


Securing the computer systems, endpoints, applications, and the data traffic is so critical for the survival of a company. Students will learn best techniques to ensure a company's infrastructure and information remains safe.

Cloud Computing

Implementing in the Azure or AWS cloud will be a top priority in this program. Students will take full advantage of the scalability, agility and pay as you go model of the cloud to build and deploy various IT solutions.


DevOps which is short for development and operations work closely with developers to continuously build, test and deploy software in short sprints. They have a wealth of knowledge in scripting and programming languages, code source control tools, automation, configuration management and performance assessement.

Data Analytics & Reporting

In this speciality, students perform analytics on different type of data set and present their results to an audience. They will use different type of algorithm and charts to tell their story.

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