We Genuinely Care about your Success
Our passion is to help people achieve career and financial success. We want individuals to capitalize on the many lucrative, growing and transformative opportunities afforded by a career in the field of information technology.

Learn How To Learn
The IT Career Portal will emphasize on the importance of learning how to learn. Student will develop the love for learning and apply different techniques to enhance how they learn.

Career Path/Certification Counseling
Members will receive counseling on the most suitable and cost effective career path programs that meet their individual needs. They will know the proper trainings to take and the appropriate certifications to take to differentiate their skills.

IT Essentials
Our members will learn essential skills to be successful in the IT industry. These skills include understanding computer systems, programming, database, networking and more.

Core Tech Labs for Success
Our members will work on core practical labs that are key to achieve success in the IT career field.

In this program we truly believe in the importance of mentoring and coaching. Our members will receive regular from experienced IT professionals. We believe having this support model is integral to getting your feet in the IT field.

Soft Skiils
IT Career Portal members will develop reading, writing, typing, presentation, logical and critical thinking skills. These skills are valuable to have in order to be successful in the IT Field.. Resume Building
Our members will work with our professionals to create distinguished resumes that will make them stand out against the competition.

Resume/Online Professional Profile
Members will create their resumes and professional profiles to showcase case their experience and skills.

Mock Interviews
IT Career Portal Members can request mock interviews as they prepare to start interviewing for potential job openings.

Webinars and Networking Opportunities
IT Career Portal hosts quarterly webinars with guest speakers in the field and topics of interest to our members. Our members will also network each other and professionals in the field.

IT Career Portal members receive an electronic newsletter highlighting news pertaining to IT careers, technical solutions relevant to different career path, strategies that can serve as catalyst to getting in the IT field.

Internship Guidance
IT Career Portal members receive guidance on how and where to find internship opportunites.

Entrepreneurship Guidance
IT Career Portal members receive guidance on how to start their own business while developing the skills to enter the IT field.

Members receive 25% discount on tutoring services provided by IT Career Portal in Math, Computer Science, standardized exams and more.

IT Career Portal provides a one time $500 scholarship for an individual interested and pursuing a career in the field of technology. This is a selective process. The individual does not need to be a member of IT Career Portal.